Lesp888(LESP) Token Affiliate Rewards

Receive 60 LESP Token free coin airdrop. Earn 10 LESP Token for each user your refer to our social platform. One click to share your affiliate reward link on facebook, twitter and many other social platforms. The basic rule: You may NOT receive credit for referring yourself multiple times or manipulating the system to your benefit. The requirement: Lesp888 free social platform account and Tron based asset wallet address. If you don't have one: 1.Sign Up Lesp888 Social Platform Account 2.Get TronLink Wallet Address

After You Are Ready, See the Below Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Go to Lesp888 social platform Log In

After log in, click your profile name and then go to "General Setting"

2. On the general setting page, click "Earnings" and go to "My Affiliates LESP Token" You will see your affiliate link. Share the link with a simple click Share to other social platform such as facebook twitter and so on. Or post your link to your blog or Youtube or Email, whatever you think will be the best for you to get more referrals and earn more LESP Token.

3. To withdraw your earning LESP token, go to the general setting bottom page, enter and save your LESP token wallet address which is any wallet that supports Tron based assets, here we will use the Tronlink wallet address as one of recommended wallets.

4. After you save your wallet address, on the general setting page, click "Eearnings" and go to "Current balance" Enter your " Email " and " Amount " to Withdraw your earning reward LESP token. ( Note: the dollar sign "$" means earnings tokens, not USD.)

( Note: For the reward program, when you request your withdrawal reward, you will also get reward from our Bitcoin trader investment team: Reward Amount: 1.68TRX and 8.8BTT ) Once again, LESP Token is fully decentralized TRC20 token. We will never ask for the 24 words of your wallet recovery seed, and wallet password or user name.

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