Lesp888(LESP) Token Decentralized Liquidity Pool

Stake LESP token to Justswap for the liquidity pool yield. Justswap’s user-friendly platform offers a decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision for TRC token trading pairs. Since LESP is an TRC20 token, anyone can become a liquidity provider by depositing LESP tokens into a smart contract and receiving pool tokens in return. These pool tokens keep track of the providers’ share in the liquidity pool and can be traded in for the underlying asset at any time. In order to start providing liquidity on Justswap, you must have LESP and TRX in the same wallet. Liquidity pool returns depend on three factors: 1.LESP or TRX price when supplied and withdrawn. 2.The size of the existing liquidity pool. 3.Trading volumes. Trading activities by other users can change the price and quantity of tokens in the pool. So, the ratio of LESP and TRX may differ from the amount you staked. The movement of the market can either work for you or against you. As the Justswap platform requires you to supply an equivalent of the TRX and LESP in the pool, large price changes between the time of supply and withdrawal in either token can result in losses. Thus, the realized returns earned by the investors depend on both the earned trading fee and the changes in price and pool ratios.

See the below pictures for how to stake in the pool:

Add Liquidity to the pool:

Remove Liquidity from the pool:

Your Liquidity holding position status:

Once again, this is totally decentralized liquidity pool. We have no control on your wallet.

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