CJ1380-100 Nike AF1 Air Force 1 Low Voltage Purple White To Buy

CJ1380-100 Nike AF1 Air Force 1 Low Voltage Purple White To Buy


Cheap Jordan Retro Today, the Jordan brand officially released the latest shoe model Jordan Zoom '92, and released a set of autumn product blockbusters performed by official partners Zhong Chuxi and Xiaogui Wang Linkai around the world.Air Jordan 1 This group of blockbusters has rich visual colors and confident and bold shapes. While performing new shoes and autumn clothing, Zhong Chuxi and Xiaogui Wang Linkai showed the breakthrough and innovation of the younger generation.Jordan Zoom '92 came into being in the collision between the traditional design of basketball shoes and the innovative spirit of the Jordan brand. Its design is inspired by three pairs of shoes that swept the world in 1992-Air Jordan VII, Nike Air Max 180 and Nike Air Force 5.

2020 Jordan Shoes The design elements of the three pairs of shoes and the technology of the shoes are well reflected on the Jordan Zoom '92. Under the guidance of the brand, the shoes present a perfect combination of innovation and tradition.Among them, Air Force 1 inspired by the Air Jordan VII layered vamp, the Jordan Zoom '92 vamp uses thicker patches, which visually makes the shoe full of details and layering; the heel is also a tribute to the classic design of Air Jordan VII—— The number "23", which is different from the ordinary version, is the number "9" of Michael Jordan's national team jersey. In addition, the shoe draws inspiration from the design of Air Max 180 and Air Force 5, and is equipped with the forefoot visible Zoom Air cushion used in the design of Nike basketball shoes.

NMD For Sale Gentry Humphrey, Vice President of Jordan Brand Shoes: "When you think back to Barcelona in 1992, people all over the world saw the Dream Team shine on the court, and the shoes worn by the players are even more impressive. ."The design inspiration of Jordan Zoom '92 is also derived from the performance of Michael Jordan (Michael Jordan) on the field and pay tribute to him.Little Ghost Wang Linkai: "I like the dance style of the 90s very much. The music culture at that time gave me a lot of creative inspiration. Jordan Zoom '92 combines retro street and casual styles. The comfortable foot feel will make me want to wear these shoes. go dance."