What are the factors that affect the quality of SMT processing?

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SMT processing is a process with more mutual influence links and more processes. Often a small mistake may cause a big impact. So what links will affect the quality of SMT processing? What do we need to pay attention to during SMT fast PCB manufacturing processing? Next, Shenzhen SMT chip processing manufacturer-POE will introduce to you.

Factors affecting the quality of SMT processing
1. Equipment
The complexity of the process of smart products has far exceeded the extent that our hands can process and weld, and we can only rely on machines and equipment for patch welding, testing and inspection, and so on. Therefore, equipment is an indispensable means for SMT mass production of refined production. For example, whether the placement program setting is fully considered.

Second, the craft
The hardware equipment market can be bought as long as there is money, but it also needs someone to operate it, and finally realize the process implementation, so the equipment is only a means of process implementation, and the process is the real core. The difference in the process will directly lead to the utilization rate, the straight-through rate, and the yield rate of the equipment.

Three, PCB circuit board
The circuit board is the substrate for the entire SMT soldering, and it is the starting point for everything. The quality of the pads and whether the PCB design is reasonable are also important factors that affect the SMT process.

4. Steel mesh (template)
Half of the quality problems of SMT appear in solder paste printing. The setting of the thickness of the stencil and the design of the window are the keys that directly affect the quality of the patch processing.

5. Setting of furnace temperature curve
When the PCB, components, solder paste printing, and screen are all OK, a furnace temperature curve that is accurately set according to the product characteristics becomes the last step in the customs clearance of good products.

Money can buy equipment, production lines, PCB Manufacturer and staff, but some process accumulation and technological precipitation often require SMT chip processing plants to spend a long time to accumulate, and form their own process specifications and improve their own process system. The final experience summary is the cornerstone of a company's quality.